Selection 2019-20

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Performance Cente Selection 2019-20

Information on this page refers to those whose natural centre is one run by the South. Those for whom a different centre is the natural one:

  • South Midlands (generally those near Banbury and Milton Keynes)
  • Northwood (generally those in east Middlesex or south east Buckinghamshire)

will use the guidelines produced by the regions running those centres.

The exact position of the boundaries differs by cohort and is at the discretion of the regional organisers to match the numbers being put forward.

The selection for the 2019-20 Performance Centres will differ by age group.

U15 (All Players)

At U15 we are forming a squad from players who, in the main, will be new to PC. At the end of the AC season, counties will nominate those who they feel ought to be considered for PC. We will hold a series of assessment sessions on Sunday 09 June.

These sessions will take between 5 and 6 hours. The format will be:

  • coached session or match play
  • break
  • match play

there will be sessions at:

        Venue For centres
  Charterhouse School Guildford, Weybridge
  Reading HC Reading
  Tonbridge School Tonbridge
  Wellington Playing Fields (KES)  Southampton
  Warwick School all Midland centres
  Old Loughtonian Bury, Northwood

As well as those nominated by the ACs, all those currently at PC who are born in 2005 and young enough for the U15 squad next season will be expected to attend.

The exact format of the session will be determined once the number of players are known and will take in to account the opinions of the coach leading the session.

U17 Players from AC

For the U17s, we already have a squad and expect limited rather than wholesale changes.

A main Assessment Day for those nominated from AC is on 23 June. However, there are also limited opportunities at the main PC sessions on 16 June. Successful candidates at these sessions will be invited to attend the initial PC sessions in September.

There is a 'Transition' programme in operation that allows ACs to nominate players born between 2002 and 2005 at any stage from October who they think are of a standard suitable for PC. Unfortunately, very few players were nominated for this during the season. Whereby nominees generally received two PC sessions where they could join in and be compared directly against those currently at PC.

Those born in 2002 are too old for the Performance Centre in 2019-20. The only reason that they should be nominated at the end of the season is if their AC coaches believe there have a good chance of being selected for the NAGS (Emgland) Squad at teh end of teh summer.

U17 Players from PC

Players currently at PC do not have guaranteed placed for the following year. Because we have a broad base to deliberately give as many U15s a chance as possible there are on average 16 U15s in the U15 squad but only 10 U16s in the U17 squad. We know that not all these players can retain their places. Some U16s in the current U17 squad who have not progressed will also fail to be offered places in the following cycle.

For 2019-20 we have two issues that will affect selection for the squads:

  • not knowing the final composition of the NAGS squads until late September
  • the closure of the Caterham centre

The closure of the Caterham centre will affect the catchment areas of the other centres, so players may find themselves allocated a different centre in 2019-20 than they had for 2018-19. The way forward ensures that players from all current centres have an equal opportunity to get a place next year and has been agreed with EH. Those players who it is judged fall in to the categories described in the first paragraph will be released in July. The remainder will be invited to the first session of 2019-20 on 08 September. Players may be released after the sessions on both 08 and 22 September.

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