Boys and Girls Indoors

Boys and Girls Schools Indoor

The South runs the Reguional Rounds of the National Schools Indoor Tournaments for Boys and Girls at U16 and U18. This is generally the entry level tournament in the South, though Berkshire girls hold their own event with teams qualifying to this event. Please click on the links below to download the following tournament documentation.

  - 2018 Tournament Regulations (2019 not yet issued)

  - Team Sheet & Code of Conduct

  - 2017 online rule book


Lists in blue show the results.

Tournament Organiser

U16 Boys

Group Group A   Group B   Group C   Group  D Group  E
Venue Ashford   Alleyn's   Hurstpierpoint   Magdalen Charterhouse
Date Monday 18th Nov   Tues 12th Nov   Mon 11th Nov   Thurs 14th Nov Mon 11th Nov
Time 1pm   3pm   2pm   4pm 3pm
1 Ashford   Alleyn's   Ardingly   John Hampden Charterhouse
2 Caterham   KCS Wimbledon   Hurstpierpoint   MCS Oxford Cranleigh
3 Simon Langton   Kingston   Portsmouth   RGS HW Lingfield
4 Skinner's   Reigate   Seaford   RGS Guildford Reed's
5 St Lawrence's   Trinity   St George's   Sir Wm Borlase Wellington
6 Kent College              


U18 Boys

Group A   B   C   D   E
Venue Ashford    Bradfield    Portsmouth   Charterhouse    Trinity
Date Mon 11th Nov   Wed 6th Nov   Thurs 14th Nov   Thurs 7th Nov   Wed 6th Nov
Start Time 1pm   1pm   2pm   2pm   1.30pm
1 Ashford   Abingdon   Ardingly   Charterhouse   Alleyn's
2 Caterham   Bradfield   Hurst   Kingston   John Hampden
3 Eastbourne   Magdalen   Peter Symonds   Lord Wandsworth   KCS Wimbledon
4 Simon Langton   RGS HW   Portsmouth   RGS Guildford   Lingfield
5 Skinners   Sir Wm Borlase   Seaford    Wellington   Trinity
6 Kent College       St John's        

U16 Girls

  Group A   Group B   Group C   Group D
  Aylesbury   CLFS   Alleyn's   Portsmouth
  Thurs 7th Nov   Tues 5th Nov   Thurs 7th Nov   Thurs 7th Nov
  1pm   4.30pm   3pm   2pm
1 Aylesbury   CLFS   Alleyn's   Ardingly
2 Beaconsfield   Kingston    Godolphin & L   Hurstpierpoint
3 Great Marlow   Tormead   James Allen   Portsmouth
4 Sir Wm Borlase       Latymer Upper   Seaford
5 Wycombe High       St Teresa's   St John's

U18 Girls

Group A   B   C   D   E
Venue Beaconsfield   CLFS   Hurstpierpoint   Portsmouth   KCS, Wimbledon
Date Fri 8th Nov   Fri 8th Nov   Thurs 7th Nov   Fri 8th Nov   Fri 8th Nov
Time 1 - 4.30pm   4.30 - 8pm   4-8pm   2 - 6pm   2pm
1 Beaconsfield   CLFS   Ardingly   Portsmouth   Latymer Upper
2 Headington   Gordons   Hurstpierpoint   Seaford College   James Allen
3 Magdalen   Reigate   Reed's   St John's   KCS Wimbledon
4 Oxford High   Sir Wm Borlase   Worth   Peter Symonds   Lingfield
5 Wycombe High       Tormead        


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South News

Pat Welford We are sorry to have to announce the sad passing of Pat Welford, League Secretary for the SCWHL for many years. Our condolences to her family at this sad time. RIP Patsy.

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