2013-14 Schools Results

South Round Junior Results 2013-14 season

South Round schools’ winners and runners-up are


Girl’s Competitions

U11 School Minis Winner:                Swanbourne House, Bucks

U11 School Minis Runner-up:           Milton Keynes Prep, Bucks

U12 School Minis Winner:                St Georges, Surrey

U12 School Minis Runner-up:           Reigate GS, Surrey


U13 School Minis Winner:                Danes Hill, Surrey

U13 School Minis Runner-up:           St Georges, Surrey

U14 School Cup Winner:                  Cranleigh School, Surrey

U14 School Runner-up:                    St George’s, Surrey


U16 School Cup Winner:                  Cranleigh School, Surrey

U16 School Runner-up:                    Eastbourne, Sussex


U18 School Cup Winner:                  Kingston Grammar School, Surrey

U18 School Runner-up:                    Hurstpierpoint, Sussex



U16 School Indoor Winner:              JAGS (James Allen's Girls' School), Surrey

U16 School Indoor Runner-up:         Cranleigh School, Surrey


U18 School Indoor Winner:              Sir William Borlase G.S, Bucks

U18 School Indoor Runner-up:        Claires Court, Berks.


National Positions


Girl’s Competitions

U11 School Minis Winner:           No national round

U11 School Minis Runner-up:      No national round


U12 School Minis Winner:            No national round

U12 School Minis Runner-up:       No national round


U13 School Minis Winner:            Danes Hill, Surrey - National Winners

U13 School Minis Runner-up:      St Georges, Surrey - 2nd Place 

U14 School Cup :                      Cranleigh School, Surrey - 3rd Place

U14 School         :                      St George’s, Surrey, National Winners


U16 School Cup :                      Cranleigh School, Surrey - National Winners

U16 School         :                      Eastbourne, Sussex - 3rd in Pool


U18 School Cup :                     Kingston Grammar School, Surrey - 2nd Place

U18 School      :                        Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, Lost East/South play off (aps)



U16 School Indoor : JAGS                                           5th in Pool

U16 School Indoor : Cranleigh School                         4th in Pool


U18 School Indoor : Sir William Borlase                     2nd Place

U18 School Indoor : Claires Court                               5th in Pool

South News

Coronavirus Following the lifting of lockdown, hockey may be played again. There are separate protocols for U18 (junior) hockey and adult hockey. U18s playing must follow the adult protocols for senior games. For senior hockey players living in a Tier 3 area may not cross the boundary of their area. Players in Tier 2 may not lift share other than with their own household. For full details please see the EH website. and their FAQs.

Maurice Kitrell It is with sadness that we report the death of Maurice Kitrell, President of Middlesex HA. He has served on the Middlesex committee for many years.

SCHA AGM The SCHA AGM has been delayed and is likely to be in January 2021. It is likely to be an electronic meeting.

 Sanctions for Covid 19 Offences EH brought in a range of new penalties for Red Cards and MMOs where there has been a breach of Covid 19 regulations. The minimum suspensions will be:

  • regulation 6.5(a) - 45 days (no violence used, attempted threatened)
  • regulation 6.5(b) - 60 days (violence to player used, attempted or threatened)
  • regulation 6.5(c) - 90 days (violence to official used, attempted or threatened)