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The Performance Centres are part of England Hockey's Player Pathway for players between from U14 to U17 (current Academy Centre U14 to U17).

The selection cycle for the 2017-18 Centres which run from September 2017 to July 2018 will happen in June and July 2017. Players in the Acdemy Centres in 2016-17 may be nominated by their Academies. Players at the Performance Centres will recieve automatic nominations to the assessment process, unless they are too old to be join.

Click here for a diagrammatic overview of the single system. Click here to view the talent development booklet issued by EH detailing the coaching principals and feedback criteria.

The assessment process differs at U15 and U17, as at U15 we are trying to populate a completely new cohort, the number of current U14s at the centres is low. Whereas, at U17 we need to assess a smaller number of nominees from the Academy Centres against a far larger number of players already at the Performance Centres.

The Centre that a player attends will be allocated by the Regional Co-ordinators. All players from South based counties will have been nominated in the first instance to the South then those for whom a centre run by a different region is more appropriate will have been passed to that region. The details below are for the South managed centres and may differ from the processes in other regions.

The centre will be allocated based on the home postcode. For those with easy access to more than one centre, the player may not be allocated to the closest centre to them. Players at boarding school may be allocted on their school address. The ration of term-time and holiday sessions has shifted and the number of term time sessions far exceeds holiday sessions and it is expected that most players will have their centre based on their term time address but will usually be able to visit a centre closer to home in the holidays.


There will a one-off selection process on Sunday 11 June. There will be three events:

  • Haslemere (tbc) - for the Haslemere, Southampton and Weybridge Centres
  • Reading - for the Reading Centre
  • Tonbridge - for the Caterham and Tonbridge Centres

The events will be a mini-festival. The exact details will be released once all nominations have been received.

The nominees for the U17 will be assessed as part of a Performance Centre session. It is hoped that this will be on 18 June. However, the final details will not be known until after all nominations have been received as more than one session may be required.


All players nominated for assessment are required to complete the online registration form.


It is not expected that results of the assesments will be available until at least 19 July. This is 10 days after the last Performance Centre session for the current cycle. We have a number of things that we need to do following the current cycle before we are able to issue invitations.

2017/18 Cycle Dates   

Monday Evenings Boys  02 Oct  16 Oct
06 Nov
27 Nov
11 Dec
08 Jan 22 Jan 05 Feb 26 Feb 19 Mar
Girls 09 Oct
30 Oct
20 Nov
04 Dec
18 Dec
15 Jan 29 Jan 19 Feb 12 Mar 26 Mar
All Day Training All 24 Sep
28 Apr 26 May
16 Jun 07 Jul
Match Practice All 04 Mar
Cluster Competition  All 14 Apr
01 Jul 08 Jul

Some of the boys' dates were incorrectly recorded. The corrected dates have been highlighted.

The match practice session involves two centres, half of which will be at the opponents venue.

The dates for Futures Cup may change. Currently it is Wednesday 22 to Saturday 25 August (Bank Holiday weekend), the prep day may be moved to Sunday 19 August making the residential stay one day shorter.


There are 17 centres around the country. The closest centres for those in the South are:

Centre Venue Cluster
Caterham School Tigers
    Haslemere  Haslemere HC Leopards 
Northwood Merchant Taylors' School Tigers
Reading HC (from Sept 17, tbc)
South Midlands   Warwick School Lynx
Southampton Wellington Sports Ground (KES)  Leopards
Tonbridge Tonbridge School Tigers
Weybridge St George's College Lynx


Goalkeepers are expected to provide their own kit, this to include helmet, throat protector, chest pad, arm and elbow protection, gloves, abdominal protector, leg pads and kickers.


Communication will be by email, much of what will be sent will be large batches of individually addressed emails. It is inevitable that some of these will be caught by spam filters. If you are expecting one of these mass emails from the central administration please click here to view the emails that have been sent and any planned schedule for future mass emails.

Selection and Transition

England Hockey have produced a number of guides to the selection and transition processes. Selection is the process to populate the cnetres for the start of the cycle and transition the proess for moving players in either direction between AC and OPC during the cycle:

The number of places at PC is fixed. For 2017-18 the number of places is likely to reduce from the 24 at the centres in 2016-17.


All communications regarding players should in the first instance come to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., please click on the link to email him.

Player Pathway 2016-17

For more information on the changes please go to the '2016-17 Player Pathway' page. This is only the current position and there will be changes.

South News

Whitgift Storm Nationals Whitgift won the Boys' titles at U14, U16 and U18, with Cranleigh second at U14, Reed's second at U16 and Kingston third at U18.

Masters Mens' O60, Ladies' O40, O55 and O60 have all won their national competition. Photo gallery