Boys and Girls Indoors

Boys and Girls Schools Indoor

The South runs the Reguional Rounds of the National Schools Indoor Tournaments for Boys and Girls at U16 and U18. This is generally the entry level tournament in the South, though Berkshire girls hold their own event with teams qualifying to this event. Please click on the links below to download the following tournament documentation.

The entries closed for autumn 2017 on 28 April. Late entries may be accepted at the organisers' discretion. But we will not increase the number of preliminaries required in order to accpet a late entry.

  - 2017 Tournament Regulations

  - Team Sheet & Code of Conduct

  - 2017 online rule book


U16 Boys

    Group A     Group B     Group C     Group D     Group E  
HOST   Ashford     RGS, High Wycombe     Portsmouth     Trinity      Charterhouse  
TEAMS 1 Skinner's   1 Borlase   1 St George's   1 St Lawrence's   1 RGS Guildford  
  2 Eltham   2 RGS High Wycombe   2 Lingfield   2 Trinity   2 Charterhouse  
  3 Kingston   3 John Hampden   3 Portsmouth   3 KCS, Wimbledon   3 Wellington  
  4 Ashford         4 Hurst         4 Simon Langton  
              5 Ardingly         5 Hampshire College  

U18 Boys

    Group A     Group B     Group C     Group D     Group E
HOST   Ashford     Bradfield     Seaford     Charterhouse     Hurst
TEAMS 1 St Lawrence's   1 St George's   1 Bede's   1 Reed's   1 Cranleigh
  2 Kent College   2 John Hampden   2 Peter Symond's   2 Portsmouth   2 RGS, Guildford
  3 Eltham   3 RGS High Wycombe   3 King Edward VI   ns Charterhouse   3 Hurst
  4 Caterham   3 Bradfield   4 Seaford   ns Wellington      
  5 Ashford         5 Skinners   ns Trinity      


    Group A     Group B     Group C     Group D
HOST   Aylesbury     Portsmouth     Godolphin & Latymer     Hurst
Result 1 Borlase   1 St Teresa's   1 Wycombe   1 Ardingly
  2 Aylesbury   2 Portsmouth   2 Godolphin & Latymer   2 Lingfield
  3 Cokethorpe   3 Hampshire CS   3 JAGS   3 Hurst
              4 Great Marlow      
              5 Kingston      


    Group A     Group B     Group C     Group D
HOST   Aylesbury     KCS,  Wimbledon     Alleyn's     King Edward VI
DATE   played     played     played     tba
Result 1 Peter Symond's   1 Hurst   1 Reed's    1 St George's
  2 Aylesbury   2 CLFS   2 Bede's J    2 King Edward VI
  3 Cokethorpe   3 Worth   3 Godolphin & Latymer    3 Portsmouth
  4 Akeley Wood   4 KCS, Wimbledon   4 Alleyn's      
        5 Kingston   4 Epsom      
              4 AGS      



    Group J     Group K     Group L     Group M
HOST   KES, Southampton     Magdalen     Whitgift     Seaford
DATE   23rd November     23rd November     23rd November     23rd November
TIME   16.30     16.30     16.00     14.30
TEAMS 1 King Edward's   1 Magdalen   1 Whitgift   1 Seaford
  2 Borlase   2 Wellington   2 St Lawrence's   2 Cranleigh
  3 Skinner's   3 St George's   3 Charterhouse   3 RGS Guildford
  4 Trinity   4 Eltham   4 RGS, HIgh W   4 Lingfield

U18 Boys

    Group J     Group K     Group L     Group M    
HOST   Magdalen     Trinity     KES, S'hampton     Whitgift    
                (has to qualify)          
DATE   Fri 1st Dec     Fri 1st Dec     Fri 1st Dec     Fri 1st Dec    
TIME   16.30     14.30     16.00     16.00    
TEAMS 1 Magdalen   1 Simon Langhton   1 Kingston   1 Whitgift    
  2 KCS   2 Sir Wm Borlase   2 Bede's   2 St Lawrence's    
  3 St George's   3 Cranleigh   3 Kent College   3 RGS Guildford    
  4 Portsmouth   4 Reed's   4 John Hampden   4 Peter Symond's    

U16 Girls

    Group J     Group K     Group L     Group M
HOST   Beaconsfield     Cranleigh     CLFS     KES, S'hampton
TEAMS 1 Wycombe   1 Cranleigh   1 St George's   1 Wellington
  2 Beaconsfield   2 Lingfield   2 St Teresa's   2 King Edward VI
  3 Downe House   3 Borlase   3 CLFS   3 Ardingly
  w/d Portsmouth   w/d JAGS   w/d Godolphin & Latymer   4 Aylesbury

U18 Girls

    Group J     Group K     Group L     Group M  
HOST   CLFS     Beaconsfield     Godolphin & Latymer     King Edward VI  
DATE   Fri 24th Nov     Fri 24th Nov     Fri 24th Nov     Fri 24th Nov  
TIME   16.30     13.00     16.30     16.30  
TEAMS 1 Cranleigh   1 Beaconsfield   1 Sir Wm Borlase   1 Ardingly  
  2 Hurst   2 Wellington   2 St George's   2 Reed's  
  3 CLFS   3 Aylesbury   3 Portsmouth   3 King Edward VI  
  4 Bede's   4 Worth   4 Godolphin & Latymer   4 Pangbourne  


U16B   Sun 03 Dec  Canterbury
U18B Sun 10 Dec Whitgift
U16G Sun 03 Dec The Edge
U18G Sun 10 Dec Trinity School
Under 16 Boys   Under 18 Boys  
Pool A Pool B Pool A Pool B


Under 16 Girls   Under 18 Girls  
Pool A Pool B Pool A Pool B
Wycombe High Beaconsfield     
Cranleigh Lingfield    
St Teresa's St George's    
King Edward VI   Wellington    

Tournament Organiser

Tony Hilton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


South News

Performance Centre 11 December: all venues cancelled.

EH Structural Review: EH are undertaking a review of the governance stucture within English hockey. The role of counties and regions and the leagues that they control will feature highly. There is a survey online now, click here for the survey.  Full details

Women's Regional Masters: to fit in with changes in the international events, South will now be running Masters' squads from Over 35 (born 1983 or earlier). Nominations are now requested for the South Women's Masters teams from O35 upwards (born in 1983 or earlier), self-nominations welcome, please click here to register.

Sussex Senior officers change, President Maureen Glenn and Chairman John Murphy have retired. Maureen had been in post for 10 years and John had held a number of roles for a considerable time.