Boys and G::irls Club Juniors Indoor


These events are the South Rounds of the National Junior Clubs Indoor Tournaments for Boys and Girls at U16 and U18.

Entry closed on 30 September. The entrants are:

  U16B U18B U16G U18G
Amersham & Chalfont N N Y Y
Canterbury Y Y N N
East Grinstead Y Y Y Y
Epsom N N Y Y
Fareham N Y N N
Guildford Y Y Y Y
Knole Park Y N N N
Horsham Y Y Y Y
London Wayfarers Y Y N N
Marlow Y Y Y Y
Sevenoaks Y Y N N
Spencer N N Y Y
Surbiton Y Y Y Y
Trojans Y N N Y
Wallingford N N N Y
Winchester Y N N N
Woking N Y N N
Wycombe Y Y N N




general information for the South events is available here.

Click here for the results.


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South News

2020-21 Calendar The draft of the 20-21 Calendar was issued on 20 February. The final version is scheduled at the end of March.

EH Structure Review The proposals from EH are presented at roadshows in July and September. EH issued their proposals on 20 December. For more details from EH email them to register. Ongoing progress is on the EH site. More details.