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The players selected to represent the South Over 65s at the 2018 Regional tournament


The South over 65s won the national title.

Player Club
Peter Austin
Santa Bansal
Indian Gymkhana
Dave Dixon
Hamstead & Westminster
Tony Eaude
Amersham & Chalfont
Jack Edmonds
Bromley & Beckenham
Clive Hicks
Max Jason Spencer
George Johnson
Bromley & Beckenham
Bhoulu Kalsi
Suti Khehar
Indian Gymkhana
Des Legg Trojans
Richard Macer
Allan Mayo
Tochi Panesar Spencer
Mike Rudd Holcombe
Richard Slator
Bill Stokes
Gavin Stone Eastcote
Sarosh Talati Eastcote






South News

Mike Ward Our Chairman Mike Ward has recently been awarded the EH Long Service Award, currently he also chairs Dorset Men's Competition Committee, Hampshire HA and South Men's League and is a member of EH's Constitution and Regulations Committee. Full report.

EH Structure Review The review was published on 09 February. Click here for more details.