Discipline is generally in the first instance handled by counties, though for some nationally organised events England may assume the disciplinary role.

The list below shows all players, other than U18s, who are currently suspended from hockey whose dispciplinary route went through SCHA. For each player it shows the club that they were playing for when suspended and the period of the suspension. Suspensions which would otherwise straddle off-season periods may be split, in these cases all incomplete periods of suspension will be shown. The dates quoted are inclusive and the player may not return to playing until the day after the last day.

The suspensions may have arisen from red cards, MMOs or disrepute charges.

This list only shows those players whose penalties have been confirmed. It does not show those who have appeals in progress.

Player   Club First day   
Last day Notes
Harry Tomlinson  South Saxons 04 Jan 20 31 Mar 20    
Samuel Davies Hamble 01 Feb 20 11 Mar 20    
Christopher Slade Folkestone Optimisit  25 Jan 20 23 Feb 20    
George Shrubsole  Old Williamsonian 25 Jan 20 23 Feb 20    
Ryan Foggoa Henley 10 Feb 20 02 Mar 20    
Tim Wilson Banbury 01 Feb 20 02 Mar 20    
Ella Chainey Winchester 08 Feb 20 02 Mar 20    
Sam Newey Brighton and Hove 01 Feb 20 13 Mar 20    
Glen Corbyn New Forest 08 Feb 20 18 Mar 20    

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